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Last-minute Super Bowl recipes for Italian-inspired snacks

italian super bowl recipes

Do you love Italian food AND football?
Then keep reading!

If you’re looking for snacks for your Super Bowl party, we’ve got you covered.

Pick one or all of them and you’ll be in a for a treat!


The classics

Truly a classic, we like this recipe.

Charcuterie board
Your favorite Italian cold cuts and cheeses are perfect to nibble on during a match.

Could any list of Italian food be complete without pizza? We think not! Whichever style you choose (here’s some inspiration) this is always a crowd’s favorite.

Arancini or Supplì
One is from Sicily, the other from Rome, but these fried rice balls are both incredibly delicious. The original recipes can be altered to suit your taste quite easily. Check out Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe here.


Party bites on a skewer

Mozzarella and tomato
So simple yet so good! Alternate pieces of tomato and mozzarella on a skewer and drizzle with some olive oil and salt, that’s it!

Upgrade from bolognese pasta and marinara subs to elegant finger food by simply serving meatballs on a stick.

This small bites of goodness pair well with a variety of ingredients (here’s a suggestion) and look amazing on a stick, two reasons to try it out!


The carbs!

Polenta chips
You can fry the polenta or bake it, you can season them with herbs or serve them with your favorite dip, this versatile recipe is also gluten-free.

Pasta frittata
Recycle your leftover pasta in delicious mini-servings you can bite into.


Buon appetito!

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