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How to get from Cortona to Venice

from cortona to venice

Venice is definitely one of Italy’s most famous attractions. The canals, the priceless works of art, the floating city is a unique treasure.

Many try to include a day trip to their Italian itinerary, but is it possible if you’re based in Cortona?

Yes, it is indeed possible, but you’ll get very little time to spend there.

Let’s see in detail why.


How long does it take to get there?

You may think Italy is small but it’s not quick to get around, as roads, even highways, aren’t as large and straight like in other countries and there aren’t many high-velocity trains either.


By car

If you drive there, whether with a private driver or on your own, it will take approximately 4 hours and that’s each way. This doesn’t count for traffic or getting lost if you’re the one driving. Even if you get an early start, say at 8 am, you’ll likely get there around 12 pm. And if you want to get back for 8 pm, you need to leave around 4 pm.

An 8-hour drive will leave you about 4 hours for you to enjoy Venice.


By train

It takes about 4 hours and 2 connections on average to get to Venice and that’s each way. You’ll also need to get a taxi or catch the bus from Cortona to Camucia in order to get the train.

Even if you get an early start, say at 8 am, you’ll likely get there around 12 pm. This schedule doesn’t count for any delays, which unfortunately are very common in Italy.

An 8-hour train journey will leave you about 4 hours for you to enjoy Venice.


In short, we don’t recommend planning a day trip to Venice from Cortona. It’s quite tiring to travel there to only then have such a short time in the area.

If you want to visit Venice we can help you plan an overnight stay in the area, before or after your stay in Cortona. This is definitely the best way to enjoy this beautiful city. You’ll then have plenty of time to discover how wonderful it is, without the hurry and the stress. Contact us directly to learn more.

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