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Flagflyers Games in Cortona

Flagflyers games

When? 12 June 2020

Where? Cortona – Tuscany

A fantastic show in the amazing setting of Cortona’s main square, as part of the Archidado celebrations.

To keep this tradition alive, the young men from the region still train today as people did in the middle ages and it’s a year’s work to prepare for the Archidado festivities.

As the evening comes, trumpets and drums mark the start of this incredible display of virtuosity, a rare spectacle that can only be found in Italy. The beautiful torchlit square echoes with the cheers of the audiences and the drums which dictate the rhythm of the performance. The flag swirl in the air, the flag throwers run across the square to catch it, again and again. Definitely an event not to miss!

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Credits: Rossana79 / CC BY-SA 4.0