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Which airport is closest to Cortona?

airport closest to cortona

This is a question we often get asked, which is why we decided to collate all the relevant info in one handy post.

Best choice for overseas visitors:
Roma Fiumicino International Airport
230 km (143 miles)

For those who fly in from the States (or anywhere outside Europe), Rome is the most convenient choice. You’re more likely to find an international flight to Rome and it’s only a 3-hour drive from the airport.

We recommend you book a private car transfer with a driver who lives in Cortona. It’s not because we’re biased, there actually are a few valid reasons we suggest this:

  • Local drivers don’t tend to get lost, whereas others do (we’re speaking from experience). You have already been on a long flight, why risk a long car transfer too?
  • Even if you intend to rent a car for the duration of your stay, we advise against renting a car from the airport. You’ll be tired and driving for the first time in Italy after a long flight isn’t ideal. Roads in Italy are narrower, there aren’t many highways, also rules and cars are different and the majority of vehicles are cars with stick-shift. It’s a lot to deal with after a long-haul flight! You can arrange a car rental in Cortona and pick up the car the day after you arrive.
  • You cannot park next to your accommodation. Cortona is a walled town, meaning streets are narrow and furthermore, visitors are forbidden from entering Cortona by car.  You’ll need to leave the car at one of the free parking lots and walk to your accommodation (it usually takes 10 minutes). As we said above, take in consideration you might be tired after your long flight. We’ve had many a guest over the years who forgot where they parked because of jet lag, it’s just more convenient to have a driver help you, in most cases they’ll also have a permit allowing them to drive inside Cortona and closer to your accommodation (some houses are on tiny alleys and cars don’t fit).

It’s really important to book your car transfers ahead of time, don’t leave it to the last minute! Taxi drivers are a rare commodity and tend to get booked up pretty quickly. Avoid disappointment and plan ahead.

A lot of our guests decide to stay in Rome either before or after their stay in Cortona. This is a great solution if you want to discover this beautiful city while on holiday in Italy.

If you decide to stay there before your week in Cortona, you can then take the train to get to Terontola, where you’ll find a member of our team to greet you. The train from Rome takes about 2 hours and a half. A private driver will then take you to your accommodation where you’ll be shown all the essentials by a member of our team.

You can take the same train after your stay in Cortona in the opposite direction, of course.

Getting the train to/from Fiumicino airport

There are no direct trains from Fiumicino to Cortona. You’ll need to get the Leonardo Express (or a bus or a taxi) into Rome and then board the train for Cortona (or viceversa). Always allow plenty of time because Italian trains are often late.

We advise against taking the train the same day you have to board your return flight home from Fiumicino airport, unless your flight departs at night.

We can book hotels and arrange tours for you in Rome as well as other Italian regions, like the Amalfi coast. Contact us directly to know more.

Other options

Perugia Sant’Egidio International Airport
60 Km (37 miles) from Cortona

This is the closest airport but there aren’t a lot of international flights landing here.

Florence Peretola International Airport
120 Km (75 miles)

Like Perugia, Florence airport isn’t chosen by many companies operating long-haul flights.

Pisa International Airport
220 Km (137 miles)

There are airlines operating direct flights from New York but it’s best to check beforehand.

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